You love what you do, so make a name for yourself on the national and international stylist scene.

Colorzoom Challenge 2019 is OVER.


Winners are recognized in Gold, Silver & Bronze achievements. Our Gold winners in each category (Global Creative Artist, Global New Talent Colorist and Global Partner Colorist) move on to become National Finalists to represent the US or Canada at the live Color Zoom International Competition. The Gold finalists from each of the three (3) categories, from the US and Canada, will receive a trip to the September 2019 Global Zoom Event in Vienna, Austria (for Winner and a Model) to attend and compete live in the Color Zoom International Competition.

Global Zoom Vienna trip includes

  • 5 day / 4 night trip for two people (Gold Finalist and Model) to Vienna, Austria.
  • Round-trip coach airfare
  • Double occupancy hotel accommodations

For the international competition, each national grand prize winner will also receive:

  • $1000 Cash Prize
  • For U.S. Winners: A 3 Day Live Training session at the Kao Salon Academy in New York City. For Canadian Winners: A 3 Day live Training session at the Toronto Academy in Mississauga, Ontario.
  • Round-trip coach airfare to the training session.
  • Two (2) night single occupancy hotel accommodations during attendance of the 3 Day Live Training session.

General Rules

U.S. and Canada
(Click for complete U.S. rules)
(Click for complete Canadian rules, version française y compris)
  1. The color creations must be done with Goldwell products only (i.e. Topchic, Colorance, Elumen and/or Nectaya). In all categories, hair can be lightened and bleached with Goldwell products (i.e. Topchic HiBlondes Control, SilkLift and Oxycur Platin).
  2. No extensions, hair pieces or wigs are allowed.
  3. More than one employee per salon can enter, but only one technique/one photo entry per person is permitted.
  4. Hairstyle and color must be in focus and easy to identify on the picture.
  5. No full body pictures, show maximum up to chest.
  6. All participants, stylists and models, must be a minimum age of 18.
  7. No black and white photos. No Polaroids.
  8. At the international live contest you will have to color, cut and style a model to recreate the look on your entry photograph.
  9. You will be judged on your photographic entry.
  10. If you want to retouch your photo please consider the following: Retouching minor skin or hair imperfections is certainly standard practice and allowed. Extreme retouching work to skin or hair will be taken into account by the judges and your score will reflect this. Don’t forget that your live result has to look the same as your entry photo. Excessively photoshopped pictures are very difficult to recreate in a live setting. You will be scored accordingly.
Watch the "How to Enter the Colorzoom Challenge" Tutorial Video for a guided step by step of the entry process.

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